Concussion App to help determine severity of athlete injuries

MILWAUKEE, WI (WHDH) – A new app with a symptom checklist aims to help coaches identify concussions.

The app was designed by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Project Manager Dustin Hahn said he has two children, including a son who plays football, and he wants to help get information into people’s hands. He said the app is geared towards parents and coaches.

“I was a volunteer football coach and I thought that this symptom checklist would be a great idea to help out the youth football coaches who don’t have daily access to trainers,” said Adam Pfaller, a clinical research assistant at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Pfaller and brain injury researcher Jen Hill put together the app’s symptom checklist. Users rank how severe the symptoms are, using a number system. The app also helps track symptoms day-by-day and offers stages for players getting back into action.

To learn more about the app and to download it, click here.

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