10 On Your Side success story: suspect returns to store after theft

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk bike shop owner posted store surveillance video on Facebook in hopes of finding a shoplifting suspect. 10 On Your Side shared the video and just a week later, the thief in the video came forward.

Andrew Hund owns Hund’s Recycle Factory at 4909 Colley Avenue. He says a man came in the store Friday night and took an expensive bike seat.

“If you could only imagine I was hurt and I was a little bit bothered,” said Hund.

Hund says he’s grateful to the community for getting the word out. He says someone recognized the man from the surveillance video that WAVY News aired, and that suspect came forward and apologized.

The surveillance video shows a man walk into the shop and chat with Hund about a bike. About 30 minutes later the man picks a bike seat off the wall, sticks it down his pants and walks out.

“You aired it and his co-worker recognized him from the news footage. [It just] goes to show you that you will get caught,” said Hund. “If you steal, you will get caught.”

Hund says the man’s co-worker caught the guy riding a bike with the stolen seat. He says he’s not planning on pressing charges.

“He did write me a very sincere apology letter along with wanting to help me in any way he can,” said Hund.

As a matter of fact the man’s bike is now at the shop getting repaired.

“He actually came in with his co-worker and paid for it that day,” said Hund. “I’m not looking to press charges as long as he can become a good member of this community. I don’t want him to beat himself up so much. We have come up with a resolution.”

Hund says he has been in business for six years and this is the first time he’s noticed anyone steal anything.


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