Special Report: Cycle for Survival – Part 1

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Ben Goldberg

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Kids just want to have fun, but sadly in this country one out of eight children with cancer will not survive. Every day 43 children in America are diagnosed with cancer.

10 On Your Side is joining the battle to beat cancer, and we are sharing the story of 7-year-old Ben Goldberg and his personal fight.

You can live a lifetime and meet only one Ben Goldberg. He was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma nearly three years ago. Neuroblastoma is a cancer that develops in the nervous system which carries messages from the brain throughout the body.

He just returned from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York where he stays for days at a time.  Radiation has taken his hair, but certainly not his spirit to live.  A few weeks ago we visited Ben and his first grade class at the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater.

The first graders love Ben. “Go Ben, Go Ben, Go Ben, Go Ben, Go Ben,” was chanted as the children jumped up and down in a frenzy upon his return. Then they did the Ben Victory Dance.  Ben directed his classmates, “Come on guys, get in a hug.”

This outstanding class of friends are all in to help Ben beat cancer.

Classmate Josh Rivera said, “I was really worried Ben had cancer. I told my mom and my whole family was worried.”

Ben spends a lot of time at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  There’s video of him in the playroom where he’s dancing.  He loves to dance, and loves Michael Jackson.  He can moonwalk.  He loves the clown there that wears ties and makes a sound, “When you pull the tie, there’s a farting sound,” Ben explained.  The video shows Ben pull the tie to demonstrate, then Ben makes a farting sound, and all the children laugh hysterically.

Ben’s just a kid, who loves, who loves to laugh, who loves to live, and it’s one day at a time for Ben, and parents Wendy and Jeff Goldberg.

Wendy says, “What you witnessed today is basically how he is. With all he’s been through, he is the happiest person I know, and I think that makes it easier for us.”

Sloan Kettering is all about cancer research, and there’s a picture of Ben with his Pediatric Surgeon Michael La Quaglia. Ben is helping find answers that are tough to find.

His mother Wendy says, “They just said to us, we wouldn’t have put him through this little surgery last month if we weren’t searching for a cure, and when they can say that with confidence it makes us feel better.  Jeff adds, “I will tell you two years from now, we will be having a completely different conversation because they are going to find out about this, and could be treating it completely differently.”

At 7, Ben Goldberg is an old soul, a survivor, and an eyewitness to the benefits of cancer research. Ben says, “I think it is important because they want to raise more money to get more equipment to do better research.”

Which brings us to Team Ben versus Team Andy. Join the Battle! Which team will raise the most  money for cancer research?

Breaking News Team Fox is in trouble! The class is asked, ‘Who wants to be on Team Andy?’  and there’s hardly a sound.

When asked, ‘Who wants to be on Team Ben?’ the class goes crazy with sound, and cheers, and arms up in the air.

It is clearly evident that Team Andy is outnumbered, but together with donations from people who care a lot about cancer research, we can’t lose!

You can help find a cure. Click here to donate to Team Ben and/or Team Andy.  100 percent of the money raised goes toward rare cancer research.

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