Chesapeake councilman concerned about violence at night club

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Violence at a local nightclub has the attention of at least one City Councilman.

Councilman Robert Ike was once a Chesapeake Police officer who patrolled the same area where VA Live now sits. He told 10 On Your Side that he is very concerned about the violence there.

Chesapeake Police are investigating a double shooting that happened at the business on Tuesday. Police said in December 2015 there was a triple shooting.

10 On Your Side did some digging, and found that over the past year the list of calls to the business total more than 50.

“It’s not something we see in Chesapeake. It’s not something that I’m looking forward to tolerating,” Councilman Ike said.

Ike said the violence in the Deep Creek area unusual. “I’m very concerned, extremely concerned that this type of thing is going on in the City of Chesapeake,” he said.

So far 250 people have signed a petition that was started by a resident who lives near the club. It asks City Council to shut down the business.

Ike said there is a joint investigation between Chesapeake Police and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, already underway. “When that investigation is finished it will come to council and we’ll take whatever actions necessary/appropriate for the circumstances,” he said.

Ike continued, “When you have an establishment or a location that is having problems we need to look at it close. We need to find out what’s going on there. Whether we need to more police involvement or other administrative involvement.”

10 On Your Side went to VA Live Monday afternoon. A man who would not go on camera, identified himself as a spokesman for the club and said the most recent shooting “had nothing to do with” the business.

The man said Tuesday’s shooting didn’t happen in their parking lot. Instead, he said the victims were shot somewhere else and ran to their building after being shot. He said VA Live security called police trying to help the victims.

However according to an email from Chesapeake Police Spokesperson Kelly O’Sullivan, the shooting did happen in the VA Live parking lot.

According to the club spokesman, there are security cameras surrounding the building, but they don’t show what happened Tuesday.

The spokesman also said there are armed and unarmed DCJS qualified security guards at the business whenever there’s an event. He said the number of security depends on the number of patrons expected.

An ABC spokesperson told 10 On Your Side that VA Live owners have a hearing scheduled for later in the month.

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