Suspect in trooper’s killing had lengthy criminal history

James Brown III. Photo Credit: Kane County Sheriff's Office

AURORA, Illinois (WAVY) – The man identified as having shot and killed Virginia State Trooper Chad Dermyer Thursday afternoon, had a lengthy criminal background in suburban Chicago.

34-year-old James Brown, III was a former resident of Aurora, IL. Over the past fifteen years Brown had faced charges including attempted murder, intimidation and harming a pregnant woman.

Kane County court records show beginning in 2001, Brown was charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of firing a gun into an occupied vehicle. Brown was sentenced to four years.

In 2003, Brown was convicted of the manufacture or delivery of heroin near a school or public park, and was sentenced to six more years. That year he also pleaded guilty to battery causing bodily harm.

In 2006, Brown was convicted of drug charges involving cocaine and got five and a half more years. Three years later, a guilty plea to intimidating someone causing physical harm and was sentenced to two and half years.

His last major crime in Aurora was in April 2012, when Brown was sentenced to two and half years for two battery charges; one of which involved his attempt to strangle a pregnant woman.

Virginia State Police say Brown pulled a gun and shot Trooper Dermyer Thursday at the bus station in Richmond.

Troopers returned fire, and Brown died shortly afterward at VCU Hospital.

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