PGA Tour star Marc Leishman and his wife’s brush with death


VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) — This time last year, Marc Leishman was in Augusta preparing to play in the Masters. That’s when he received a phone call to return home to Virginia Beach. His wife Audrey had been hospitalized.

“It turned out she got put straight into ICU and things went downhill from there,” Marc Leishman said.

Audrey was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress and toxic shock syndrome. Her organs were shutting down and she was placed in a medically induced coma.

“I basically got told without saying it that she was going to die,” Leishman said.

Doctors gave Audrey a five percent chance to live, but after a couple days in a coma, Audrey began to improve.

“I think about where I was and what could have happened,” Audrey said. “I know that it is pretty much nothing short of a miracle.”

One year later Audrey is still recovering. She has a weakened immune system and she’s much more fatigued, but she’s not too tired to make a difference.”

“That’s why we’ve started the Begin Again Foundation,” Audrey said. “Our signature program is the Leish Line. We will be helping three families per month with $1,000 a piece and that money can go towards their mortgage, or buying groceries, or car payments or towards medical bills, pretty much whatever they need and that will be going towards survivors of toxic shock, sepsis and ARDS.”

With a celebrity golf tournament scheduled for October, Audrey is busy with her foundation. Before that though, the Leishman’s will head to Augusta for the Masters and Audrey will be Marc’s caddie at the par 3 tournament on Wednesday.

“I’m really excited about it, this year is so special to us,” Audrey said.

“I’m thinking it’s probably going to be a pretty emotional day,” Marc said. “That time last year it looked like she wasn’t going to be here for that. For her to be out there spending time with the family it’s going to be good, chasing the boys all around the place, just having a great fun day. Excited about that, and obviously be a great lead up to the Masters.”

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