Charges in dog attack case dropped after dog is euthanized

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Charges were dropped in the case of a dog attack in Hampton after the rottweiler was euthanized. This happened before the case ever had the chance to get resolved.

Four charges were dropped because of this mistake: dangerous dog or vicious dog, no dog or cat license, failure to have animal vaccinated, dog at large while attacking.

The official account states that on Feb. 2 a black and brown female rottweiler got off of the property and attacked two female victims that were walking in the street. One victim suffered a puncture wound on the back of her right leg, and the other had her shorts torn. Previously in July of 2014 the same canine was a suspect in another animal bite case.

Corey Warren says it wasn’t his dog. Lucky is a two and half-year old female rottweiler, who was involved in three dog biting incidents. The most recent on February 2 ending with Lucky in quarantine at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter. Corey went to Hampton District Court twice, and the case was continued. When he was at the court he asked Animal Control about Lucky and how she was doing.

“They are telling me the dog is OK, but the dog is dead for a whole month,” he said.

Lucky who is essential to the prosecution’s case is dead. When Warren found out he called the Director of the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter who is Roger Isles.

“He said, ‘I just wanted to inform you that we made a mistake and put your dog to sleep.’ I said ‘What you mean you put my dog to sleep? Lucky is dead.'”

On Monday, 10 On Your Side went to the shelter to ask some tough questions. Lucky was not a stray dog that bit someone. Lucky was a dog at the center of a criminal prosecution, and Wednesday the charges were dropped. It’s a huge lose-lose. Warren has lost his dog which he claims did not attack in the three dog biting incidents. Witnesses claim it was Lucky. The victims have lost too because they will never have their day in court.

10 On Your Side wants to know how this happened, who made the mistakes, why would Corey Warren be told Lucky was OK when in fact Lucky was dead, and what is being done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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