Surveillance video shows suspected drunk driver hit Franklin Co home

Photo: Dante Colie

FRANKLIN COUNTY (WSLS 10) — Dante Colie and a friend were working in his garage just after midnight on February 27 when he heard it.

“We heard this loud thump. It was like Bam! We looked at each other and was like what was that?”

Thinking his 26-pound cat jumped from a dresser, Colie went inside to check.

“We looked in there and saw the dresser laying over facedown on the floor and we looked at the debris,” he recalled. “I was like ‘man, somebody hit the house.’”

He barely dialed 911 before he heard something else.

“About that time we heard the engine start up and I just looked and I said, ‘oh no.’”

Surveillance video outside Colie’s Franklin County home confirmed what he heard. The driver took off and Colie was not far behind.

“I grabbed the keys to my car and I took off after him. I went down Webster Road and try to find him. I couldn’t find him, but I turned around and came back and I kind of thought to myself I’ll turn at the dumpster. I pulled into the dumpster there he was but as I pulled in all these cops came up. ”

State Police found 18-year-old Cody Whitlow about 200 yards away. He was charged with DWI and not wearing a seat belt. He could be charged with hit and run.

Franklin County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney will determine whether to add the additional charge and whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor charge.

Colie said given the damage to his home and his bedroom which he walked out of just minutes before, he’s lucky.

“I replayed that image in my head. If he had hit five minutes prior to when he did it could have killed me. I mean I’m convinced of that.”

Whitlow has a court appearance scheduled for April 27.

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