Waverly still cleaning up one week after deadly tornado

WAVERLY, Va. (WAVY) – It’s been one week since a deadly tornado ripped through the town of Waverly. Three people were killed, and now the community is working together to rebuild and move forward.

The sound of progress is slowly becoming a rhythm in Waverly as roofing crews are working ’round the clock.

“It’s pretty much non stop,” said Michael Padgett, a roofer from Waverly.

Where once there were missing shingles, or holes exposing the insides of homes, rows of blue tarps now cover up the damaged roofs, protecting homeowners from the threat of even more.

“Getting roof back over people’s heads, that’s the main thing we’re concerned of,” Padgett said.

The debris once blocking roads is now neatly piled and being picked up. But the backdrop of the damage – can’t be ignored.

“One moment you’re OK, and boom! All hell breaks loose,” said Franco Misseri. He owns a local restaurant on Main Street. For him, rebuilding isn’t happening so quickly. His damage is extensive after bricks from a building across the street flew onto his roof. Misserri is in limbo. He says an insurance adjuster has yet to pay him a visit. So he can’t begin repairs.

“I hope the insurance pays us for whatever loss we have but at the same time I’m losing business, I’m probably losing customers, I might lose my employees,” Miserri said. “They’ve got to work, they’ve got to make a living too. It’s frustrating. Starting over again is going to be hard.”

The National Guard is gone and the army of volunteers is thinning out. It’s now on the residents to lean on each other – and overcome.

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