One year later, no answers to drive-by shooting death

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — One year ago, on March 2, a drive-by shooting tore a family apart. Chesapeake police have collected their evidence, but there’s still no one to blame.

All we know is someone shot two people on River creek Road, including 23 year-old Levi Frederick who died. Doctors treated and released the second person. While those wounds healed, Frederick’s mother says hers have not.

Levi Frederick’s final resting place is a restless space for his mother.

“For the last year I’ve come out here every other day, first thing in the morning and late at night,” Chanda Frederick said. “I just talk to him and let him know that his memory will not die.”

In the early morning hours of March 2, 2015, someone gunned down Levi Frederick. Chesapeake police said he and another man stood outside a home on River creek road. A car drove by and shot more than eight times at them. The second man went to the hospital. Frederick died at the scene.

“I was going crazy, I just couldn’t believe somebody killed my baby,” his mother said.

Now a year has passed and still no answers.

“They don’t have leads, they don’t have anything,” Chanda Frederick said. “I just called the detective. I said, ‘Do you have anything?’ He said, ‘I don’t have anything.’”

One reason Frederick’s family and friends gathered by his grave is to pray; to heal and to hope. Amid the sadness there is a bright spot.

“Now I have my grand baby” Chanda Frederick beamed while holding Levi’s daughter. “His baby, she’ll never know, she’ll never know her father.”

Levi Frederick’s daughter was born after he died. It is as much a reason as any for Chanda Frederick to keep fighting to keep his memory alive.

“I just want justice for me, his brother, his sisters, his grandparents, and I need justice for my grandbaby because this should not have happened.”

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