Local Trump supporters rejoice after Trump claims Virginia

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — There was pizza, beer, and a lot of Donald Trump at Pembroke Pizza on Independence Boulevard, and even more cheer when Trump took Virginia. You could hear “Trump, Trump, Trump” echoing through the crowd. It was a diverse crowd too. Of the 50 that gathered, they came from all walks of life.

There was 93-year-old Maria Sanchez who came to America in 1964 from Spain. She said, “I like immigrants to come here, but for them to have papers, to have a job, to come in legally.” That, of course, is Trump’s first talking point.

Eli Valentine who is African-American likes Trump’s fiscal background. “I think with the state of the country, and $19 trillion in debt, we need someone with a real business sense,” said Valentine.

Marcos Montes is fully on board and is a member of ‘Latinos for Trump.’ “He is not controlled by any super packs, he is self funding his campaign, and that is a big factor why I am supporting him.”

Leading cheers, buying pizza, a few beers was Trump Regional Chairman Gary Byler. He was animated, happy, almost giddy, and loving how Trump turned back serious Republican establishment opposition. Byler said, “This party is in rejuvenation, reaffirmation. The democratic process is at work, and to those who want to hold on to the past watch out because the tsunami is here and it is hitting ground.”

That is direct reference to a letter sent out by retiring Congressman Scott Rigell-R Virginia Beach who wrote to voters, “Vote for anyone but Trump, and if he becomes our nominee it will be nothing short of catastrophic.”

Byler responded to that by telling 10 On Your Side, “I’ve heard that before back in 1980 when we nominated an actor who had no experience. Harry Truman sold hats. I mean what are we talking about here? The party is defined by the folks who come out and support it, and today that means Donald Trump, and whether the old folks like it or not, the party changes. And today the party is Donald Trump.”

If Marco Rubio takes any positives from Trump’s domination in Super Tuesday it is this: Virginia is the first state to put forth an organized effort to turn back Trump. In Virginia, GOP candidate Marco Rubio way out performed the polling, and Trump under performed. The establishment didn’t win, but in some ways they sent a message that they can make the road a little more bumpy for Donald J. Trump. Who wins from that strategy? Hillary Clinton.

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