‘He didn’t deserve to lose his life,’ says family of Suffolk homicide victim

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Family members of the Suffolk man found dead in a graveyard are speaking out to 10 On Your Side.

Wayne Watford, 42, was discovered early Tuesday morning in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Investigators are calling his death a homicide.

“He didn’t deserve to lose his life that way, I don’t care what he’d done,” said Keith Edwards, the victim’s brother-in-law.

Edwards told 10 On Your Side that Watford was troubled, and spent time behind bars.

“I never knew Wayne to hurt nobody. He always hurt his self. I tried to talk to him and help him go straight. He would go straight for a little while and then, next thing you know, you’d get a phone call… he’s back in jail.”

Edwards and his wife, Cynthia, tried constantly to get Watford to turn his life around.

“I loved him, and I didn’t want to see nothing happen to him, not like that, I don’t wish that on nobody.”

Cynthia was too distraught to talk to 10 On Your Side. She had reportedly seen Watford, her brother, just last week. He came to the store where she works.

“She said ‘you stay off the streets, I don’t want you on the streets, because I’m afraid something’s gonna happen to you, Wayne, you need to stay off the streets’ and he was like ‘alright’ and that was that,” Edwards said.

Family members want Watford, a father of two, to be remembered positively.

“I’d just like people to remember him as a friendly guy, friendly, and willing to help.”

Edwards has no idea who would have wanted to kill Watford. Police haven’t released any suspect information. 10 On Your Side is working to learn how Watford was killed.

Family members have a message to spread as they try to heal.

“If anybody, if you got any loved ones out there on the street, please, do whatever you can to get ’em off the streets, help ’em any way you can.”

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