Water donations leaving Hampton Roads for Flint, Michigan

CHESAPEAKE, Va (WAVY) —  An area surrounded by water is reaching out to help a town in a water crisis.

Keller Williams Realty’s organization, Dream Girls of Real Estate, is getting ready to roll out hundreds of cases of bottled water for residents in Flint, Michigan. 10 On Your Side first told you about their bottled water drive three weeks ago.

The outpouring of generosity is overwhelming to Claudine Ellis, the Chesapeake Mom and real estate agent who saw images of children in Flint and had the idea to help.

Ellis called 10 on Your Side to help get the word out about the water drive. The flood of support from schools, car and motorcycle clubs and the military overflowed her office space at Keller Williams.

“We had so much water coming in that we had to store it at other locations. There’s no way we could continue to fill the space and make it was safe for the floor not to fall through, ” Ellis said.

Volunteer drivers fell through too, well sort of, there was too much bottled water to load into the few vans they had, so thankfully Stevens Van Lines rolled in to help out.

“We were told they were looking for somebody to help out and we’re always trying to do anything we can to help out the community, so we’re here and we’re going to haul it up there, ” said Derek Selph of The Other Moving Company who uses Stevens Van Lines.

The effort for Flint collected nearly a thousand cases of water and money to buy a thousand more. Ellis is flying to Flint this weekend to help distribute the bottled water in person.

“I  don’t know what to expect I’m just hoping I see some smiles and some people that are very happy about others that care about them,” Ellis said.

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