Family searches for man missing nearly a month

The family of 53-year-old Andre Eason says that no one has seen him since January 25.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – The family of a man missing nearly a month wants help from the public to find their loved one.

Police said 53-year-old Andre Eason was last seen January 25 near his home on Hoover Avenue. Family members said Eason does not have any medical conditions, and it’s not like him to be gone this length of time without talking to someone.

Without answers, all the Eason family can do right now is hold on to hope that Andre will soon come home.

Andre’s Eason’s Nephew Corey said, “It’s unlikely for him to be missing.”

Hurt, devastation and frustration are three words that describe the Eason family sentiments.

Andre’s brother Dwayne Eason said, “We just want answers.”

The Eason family has spent the last month passing out flyers, going door to door and even posting pictures on car windows. They’ve done all of it to find Andre.

Andre’s brother Keith said, “Out [of] the ordinary. This is going on a day; two days not calling…that’s not him.”

Keith said he last spoke to his brother a month ago. He also said that around the same time Andre went missing, a neighbor saw him outside and spoke to him near their homes on Hoover Avenue.

“At the apartment complex going to the dumpster taking out trash,” is what Keith said Andre was doing when the neighbor saw him.

No one else has heard from or seen Andre since that day. The family is worried.

“Not to know nothing. Like somebody vanished in thin air, that’s what makes it real strange,” Corey said.

The family says Andre did odd jobs in landscaping. He wasn’t married, had no children and doesn’t drive. They said he often wore hats and spent most of his time in Chesapeake around the South Norfolk area surrounded by family and friends.

“It’s a crisis, something you never thought would happen,” Keith said.

Not knowing where Andre has been for a month is taking its toll on the family. They’re holding on to their faith and each other to get through.

“We’re wishing for the best but also we know we’ve got to prepare for whatever the worst may be,” Corey said.

if you know anything about Andre Eason’s disappearance, please call the Chesapeake Police Department or the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


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