Virginia Beach hotels, restaurants offering specials

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Want to get away? This week could be your chance for a stay-cation at the beach!

The Virginia Beach Hotel-Motel Association is sponsoring their first-ever ‘Hotel Week.’ Many of the organization’s 80-plus hotels are offering special rates through Feb. 28 in an effort to drive business during the off-season.

Jimmy Capps, owner of the Breakers Inn Resort on 17th Street, says the promotion is being targeted at locals who want to stay at the beach for a cheaper rate.

“It’s nice to get more rooms rented, and it’s also an opportunity to get some of our local visitors to the beach.”

Capps says 70 percent of his business revenue is generated in July and August. He says business in fluid based on the weather throughout the winter.

Virginia Beach Restaurant Week, which runs Feb. 22-28, is also geared at generating business at establishments in every neighborhood in the city. More than 100 restaurants are participating this year, according to the organization’s website.

Mayflower Cafe, on 34th Street, tells they will be offering special menu options for the second year after finding success in the promotional campaign in 2015.

“Lunch did really well last year, so I’m hoping this year it will be good,” said Jenn Thbault, who’s been serving at the cafe for two years. “I really do hope we get more business from this because we could get people who have never been, and then they try it and they love it and if they live in the area they’ll come back.”

Thbault says she typically makes around $200 on an average summer night. Her earnings drop below $50 in the off-season.

A new $200 million dollar entertainment arena could help local businesses turn a larger profit in the winter by 2019. The city council green-lighted the construction in December. The complex would hold up to 18,000 people for large events and concerts.

For now, Capps says he’s happy to offer incentives before the summer season kicks off.

“Last year was a banner year,” he says. “We think the next coming year is going to be likewise.”

Capps says the association will sponsor another week of promotions in late August.


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