Former USS Anzio commander accused of sexual harassment

USS Anzio (Photo credit: U.S. Navy)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Naval investigators say that former USS Anzio commander, Capt. Brian Sorenson, is accused of sexually harassing a woman.

The investigation claims that Sorenson and other crew members hosted a “Wetting Down” for newly promoted officers. Investigators found that during a night of heavy drinking, Sorenson asked the victim inappropriate questions and made demeaning comments.

The following morning Sorenson’s harassment of the victim continued after ordering a meeting in his cabin. During the meeting Sorenson offered the victim career advancement for sexual favors.

The Navy reports Sorenson has been in trouble before for making inappropriate comments, as well as many other violations of personal conduct.

Sorenson is currently on the staff of the commander of Naval Surface Force Atlantic.

Investigators recommended that Sorenson not return to any command at sea or on shore.

Officials say it could be months before a decision is made. Sorenson could be kicked out of the Navy following this investigation.

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