Dooley family pastor speaks to 10 On Your Side

Lori Dooley and her daugher Brooke Dooley were among six family members killed in a murder-suicide in Chesapeake. The investigation began on Jan. 27, 2016. (Photo courtesy: Facebook)

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – It’s been a little over a week since one of Deep Creek’s darkest days.

An outpouring of love and support continues to flow for the community stunned by a murder-suicide. For decades, the Dooley family has been making a positive impact in Deep Creek and around the world.

10 On Your Side’s Anita Blanton sat down with the Interim Pastor of the church that people in the community have crowded for days searching for answers, comforting one another, trying to heal. It’s the same church the Dooley’s have been connected to for over 40 years, where now even in death their legacy of leading people out of darkness into light lives on.

“Thursday the church was open for four hours with people coming and going, and praying,” said Jerry Greco. “There were hundreds here that Saturday night to pay their respects. On Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. the church was open for visitation with the family, and there were hundreds here all day again.”

There was a memorial service Monday night followed by a funeral for Doris, Todd, Lori, Brooke, Landon and Cameron Dooley held the following day. Temple Baptist Church Interim Pastor Jerry Greco admits that through their own pain an important message that this church’s late Pastor Allen Dooley often preached has been passed along.

“Nothing takes God by surprise,” said Greco. “We have a saving faith, a sure faith, a steadfast faith and a sustaining faith. Although this was something unprecedented, it doesn’t change the truth of the word of God.”

He met the Dooley’s in 1982. He watched initially from afar as their ministry grew before joining their team.

“Pastor and Mrs. Dooley were like parents to me, their children like siblings, and I’m like an uncle to their children,” said Greco.  “In 1970 there were a handful of missionaries and now there are 140.  For the Dooley family the ministry never sleeps.”

With one message even on the gloomiest of days, a lasting legacy for others to hold on to hope come what may continues.

“We point them to the cross and then allow the Holy spirit to move,” said Greco. “The light has always been greater than the darkness. We still have time. We still have today. We’re not guaranteed forever.”

On Saturday, there will be a benefit concert held in honor of the Dooley Family at Deep Creek Baptist Church.  It’s called “PRAISE, HOPE AND PEACE“.

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