Drivers deal with snowy conditions in James City County

WAVY — Along Ironbound Road, you could see in the distance a shadow coming through the snow. He walked slowly, bundled up. He was a lonely figure in the distance fighting against a driven snow.  Who is that guy who walks alone? Well, it’s William and Mary Grad student Tanjib Khan. “I am from Bangladesh…it is a very warm country, and it never snows, it is my first time in the snow,” he said.

Driving conditions were rough in James City County, York County, and Williamsburg. At times there was almost a blinding snow.

Tow truck operator Brad Waltrip’s had a busy day. He spoke to us as he was pulling another car out of a ditch. “He hit the brakes, and when you hit the brakes they lock up. Your best bet is to go in neutral and to coast down icy roads,” he said.

In our travels we found William Hester who is a seasoned snow veteran and he has good advice for all. “My advice is to stay home and eat snow cream,” he says with a hearty laugh.

It seemed drivers we met from the north had fewer problems. We met Brianne Charnit who was driving one of those really small cars. We asked her how it was to drive that small car on icy roads, “I’m from Pennsylvania, and I am used to it. It’s not bad…but you have to be careful.”

Another guy we stopped along Ironbound said, “It is snowy and icy. It is snowy and icy.  I would recommend stay off the roads unless you have northern driving skills.”

All day long it was snowy, windy, and in your face. Snow plows and salt trucks are the orders of the day.

Remember that car in the ditch Brad Waltrip was pulling out? Down Monticello Avenue he got in trouble again. Waltrip was long gone, but we were behind the slipping and sliding driver. We got out to help.  He refused our help if we video taped him. We agreed not to tape him, and started pushing his car. The driver refused to help us and would not push his accelerator until we absolutely convinced him we would not tape him. It became somewhat comical.  We were determined to help this traveler in need. We started pushing and he finally floored the accelerator and he started to slide up hill. “Here we go. Go over on the right.  Over on the right. Get it going,” we were yelling. He responded. We finally got the car into a parking lot where it was out-of-the-way. The driver got out, said thanks, and left quickly leaving behind the car with bad tires.

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