York deputies arrest suspected serial robber

Charles Joseph Loher III

YORK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) – Deputies in York County said a citizen tackled a robbery suspect Wednesday and held him until a nearby sergeant arrived soon after.

Charles Joseph Loher III of Williamsburg is charged with robbing multiple drug stores along Route 17 in York County. Deputies said he passed a note, demanding pain medication and implied he had a gun at a Walgreens near Goodwin Neck Road Wednesday afternoon. Lt. Dennis Ivey Jr said he did not get far.

“When he left on foot, a brave person who was inside of the Walgreens chased him down and tackled him, and one of our sergeants was nearby and went right up. Within a minute, he was apprehended…He certainly didn’t expect a deputy to be nearby and then, you know, he didn’t expect a citizen to chase him down,” Ivey said.

Ivey said it ended in the parking lot of Advance Auto Parts across the street. No one was hurt.

“We really appreciate it. We’re glad he didn’t get hurt, and you know we want people to use caution when they think about doing those, but it worked out very well,” Ivey said.

Deputies think Loher is behind three other robberies: one in December at a Rite Aid in the 6500 block of Route 17, another earlier this month at the same Walgreens robbed yesterday, and another one days later at a different Rite Aid in the 5500 block of Route 17. Ivey said, even though there were four incidents, Loher is charged with eight robberies.

“When he passed a note to one person in the pharmacy who passed it to the pharmacist, that’s actually two robberies, because the note has passed two people, and so both people are feeling threatened and intimidated…I think you’re going to see more and more people stepping up to help their fellow citizens because they’re tired of crime,” Ivey said.

Ivey said the suspect did not have a gun on him and they do not know if he wanted the drugs for himself or planned to sell them.

Loher declined an interview with WAVY News.

James City County Police said they are checking to see if a robbery at a Williamsburg Rite Aid is connected to the York County cases.

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