NBC4 in Washington: Biden says he just wants ‘some rationality’ in the gun debate

Colleen and NBC4 Chief Photographer Steve Wainfor have arrived in Washington D.C.


WASHINGTON D.C. (WCMH)– NBC’s Colleen Marshall is in Washington, D.C. today where she talked with Vice President Joe Biden about President Obama’s plans to curb gun violence with tough new gun-purchase restrictions.

She was the only reporter from Ohio to be invited.

Colleen started her interview asking the vice president if Congress can stop the President’s actions. Biden said they can in two ways. One would be money for the existing law. The second would be passing a law saying there is no background needed if selling online.

Colleen also told the Vice-President about programs in place in Ohio where police are teaching church leadership about guns while record guns being sold.

“Americans are clamoring for something that’s is common sense,” Biden said in response, adding that the plan is not contradictory in any way with what Americans want.

Colleen then brought up critics who say the White House’s plan wouldn’t stop convicted felons or schizophrenics or spouse abusers from getting guns. Biden says those critics are wrong. The vice president says the new background checks would have stopped the South Carolina shooting carried out by Dylan Roof because he wouldn’t have been able to buy the guns. Biden also believes the same is true for those with mental illness.

“What is the frustration level in the final year after seven years of fighting for this?,” Colleen then asked the vice president.

“I’m the guy that wrote it, the Brady Bill,” Biden said. “It worked,” he added, but said the bill required a 10-year sunset, and then President Bush disliked the bill.

Biden then ended the interview pointing out that he’s a gun owner himself who keeps four shotguns at his home.

“I want some rationality brought into this,” Biden said.

Colleen will also sit in on White House briefings as the administration takes executive action and bypasses Congress.

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