Suspect named in Heritage Way homicide

Anthony Mark Smith, Jr. (Photo: Newport News police)

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Detectives are looking for a 25-year-old man in connection with a shooting that killed a mother of two on Monday.

Police currently have four active warrants for Anthony Mark Smith, Jr. for charges of first-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, burglary and use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

Photo Courtesy: Family of DaShanika Sherrod.
Photo Courtesy: Family of DaShanika Sherrod.

Twenty-five-year-old DaShanika Sherrod was found shot dead in an apartment off of Heritage Way early Monday, after police received reports of a shooting in the area.

Sherrod’s mother and two children ages 5 and 8 were in the home at the time. spoke with the victim’s sister, who was not in the home but recapped what happened.

“He kicked the door in, and of course everybody was startled. He looked my mom in the face and he walked straight into the room. He shot [DaShanika] one time. And then he, you know, he shot her one time and then my mom ran in the room and that’s when he shot her two more times. And she [Sherrod’s mother] screamed, and he looked at her. And she went to get the baby, and he ran out the house,” the family says Smith never said a word.

Sherrod’s family says she was dating the suspect for some time, but recently broke things off. The family says the relationship was tumultuous. Police confirm that on Dec. 26, Sherrod took out a restraining order on Smith. By law, the order only lasts three days.

Police have not been able to find the suspect, and he is not in police custody.

“In all honesty, I think he has help being hidden. If that makes sense. I don’t know who would want to do something like that, but he has help obviously. He’s still around. We’re scared but the police have been very supportive,” Domonique said.

The family now mourns the loss of the 25-year-old they say was a hard-working home health aide.

“She was just a sweet person. Always happy. Always motivating everybody. She wanted everybody to succeed. She just wanted to make sure her kids had a better life than she did,” Domonique said.

Now the family is asking the public for help paying for DaShanika’s funeral costs.

“This was unexpected. There was no life insurance, there was no nothing. So we’re pretty much doing everything from the bottom up. Everything you know is coming out-of-pocket,” said Domonique.

If you want to help the family, click here.

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