Residents concerned after car break-ins at senior housing

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A string of break-ins has shattered the safety in a Chesapeake senior community. Police said someone broke into at least 10 cars at the Chesapeake Crossing.

“Why didn’t somebody hear something, do something, say something?” Debbie Acord said looking at the broken window on her car.

The sound of breaking glass should have woken up Acord, but it didn’t.

“I had my pension check in there, which was quite a bit, I had my alimony check in there,” she said. “Some thing told me to take them out, and I’m glad I did.”

Sunday morning she found her sense of security shattered in the form of her car window along with almost a dozen other neighbors.

“Every vehicle they hit, they had gloves on. They knew exactly what they was doing,” she said. “If I could get my hands on them I’d choke them.”

That is the feeling Edwina Daniels shares.

“I had gospel tapes in my car. They didn’t want those,” Daniels said. “All my tapes were on the seat, my cross was on the seat, and they ransacked my glove compartment.”

Chesapeake police said in all they had 10 reports of break-ins or car vandalism from Sunday night. On Wednesday, the shattered glass still lined the parking lot.

“Everybody out here, including myself, is on disability,” Daniels said. “Nobody has this money to be putting out for the first of any month.”

A crew from Safelite Autoglass was on hand to fix the broken windows, while residents on fixed income shelled out hundreds in repairs. Debbie Acord said for her it’s the last straw.

“Now I’m definitely moving,” she said. “They already know I am moving and this has a lot to do with it.”

10 On Your Side called the Chesapeake Crossing management. We asked if there was any new security measures they would put in place. They have not responded to our calls.

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