Bank robber who posted the crime on Instagram pleads guilty

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — “It wasn’t my intention to rob the bank,” said Alfonseca.

27-year-old Dominyk Alfonseca says he knows what he did in May was wrong. He tells 10 On Your Side he should have never robbed the bank.

“I feel bad for what I did,” he added. “I repented. It was something real stupid.”

Alfonseca went into Towne Bank on Constitution Drive in early May.  He handed the teller a note asking nicely for money.  He even used the word please.  He wrote don’t hit the alarm until I am gone.  Monday, Alfonseca pleaded guilty to the crime.

Chapo! 🙂
I need 150,000 bands right NOW!! please
Police take 3 to 4 minutes to get here, I would
appreciate if you ring the alarm a minute
after I am gone..
make sure the money doesn’t BLOW
up on my way out 🙂

Instagram bank robbery

“I didn’t see any way I could prove my innocence,” Alfonseca said.

It was a crime he thought wasn’t one, because he says he asked permission for the money and the teller just handed it over.

“It wasn’t my intention to rob the bank,” he added.  “If you really think about it, if I wanted to rob the bank I would have had at least something disguising my face.  I wouldn’t have left the note in the bank.  I wouldn’t have put it on my Instagram.”

Right after the crime, Alfonseca posted video he shot while inside the bank and the note he gave to the teller.  Police found him with $11,000 in a gym bag.  He said he chose not to fight the charge.

“I gave them all the evidence I could give them,” Alfonseca said.  “There is no way of getting around that.”

Because Alfonseca pleaded guilty, the Commonwealth did not get to present its evidence at trial. According to spokesperson Macie Pridgen, they would have presented that after the robbery, two Virginia Beach officers quickly tracked down the suspect, later identified as Alfonseca.

When they approached him he smashed his cell phone on the sidewalk.

Alfonseca could serve years in prison.  He told 10 On Your Side he’s not happy with it, but he got himself into this mess.

“Whatever I get I’m going to have to deal with it, because I did something that was against the law,” Alfonseca added.

Alfonseca will be sentenced March 28th.

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