TMSG: Senior citizens have a Wii bit of fun

EATON RAPIDS, MI (WLNS) – Sometimes it can be hard getting older. You wake up with more aches and pains than in years past.

And you find yourself not enjoying the activities you did when you were younger.

But sometimes it’s gaming systems that are geared more towards the younger generation that older citizens get more fun out of.

The coffee is brewing, senior citizens are mingling and the 21-century gaming system, the Nintendo Wii is always on.

For the seniors here in Eaton Rapids, they are putting down the bingo cards and knitting needles and picking up Wii controllers as a hobby.

“It’s just like you’re at a regular bowling alley. I’m in my office and I hear the hoots and howlers and the cheers, they really get into the game,” said Deb Malewski, director, Eaton Rapids Senior Center.

They keep score and have tournaments, all in the comfort of the senior center.

For many of these seniors, bowling was a thing in the past and they’ve come to terms with never taking part the sport again, but technology has allowed them to knock down pins once more.

“People can use it that can’t stand. One of our members had his hip replaced and he was able to continue playing because they sit down and play,” said Malewski.

George Doxtader had a stroke which has pretty much paralyzed his right side. Being right-handed, George had the struggles of learning to use his left hand to write and eat, but a master when it came to Wii bowling.

Reporter: “Do you enjoy it?”

“Yes,” said George Doxtader, member, senior center.

Reporter: “Are you good at it?”

Doxtader: “Yes”

The day-in and day-out use the system gets, the controllers are wearing out, the system is getting old and a much needed upgrade is what these seniors want for Christmas.

“With as much use as they get, they wear out. That’s what we’re going through this past week or so, both our games kinda bit the dust basically.”

Deb Malewski says mostly the hand held controllers need to be replace, but she’s asking anyone out there for help so these seniors can bowl well into the new year.

Senior Pam Kamm was the first to bowl a 300.

“These are my bowling people, you know, and I love them all, you know,” said Pam Kamm, member Senior Center.”

She’s hoping a new system will arrive so she can continue her winning streak with her friends.

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