Johnston family says miracle cured sick child

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Pope Francis signed off on the second miracle needed to make Mother Teresa a saint on Friday.

Both of the miracles Mother Teresa is being recognized for involve patients whose tumors disappeared – and Eyewitness News spoke with a local family that said they had a similar experience they consider to be a miracle.

In 2008, Sydney Khoury’s life changed. The 5-year-old had been battling an aggressive form of kidney cancer for nearly a year and was unconscious in the ICU.

According to her family, that’s when Bishop Thomas Tobin entered the picture.

“He wanted to do a blessing with a relic that had a piece of Mother Teresa’s hair in it,” said Sydney’s mother, Michelle Khoury.

Michelle said what happened next was amazing – and a miracle for sure.

“When he did the blessing, she opened her eyes and was staring right at him,” she said.

Ten days later, Sydney was back at home.

Today, 13-year-old Sydney is cancer-free and she and her family say Mother Teresa is a special part of their lives.

According to the family, they couldn’t be happier to hear that Mother Teresa will become a saint – especially after their life-changing experience.

“We think it had a direct relation with her getting well,” Michelle said.

Sydney told Eyewitness News that even if Mother Teresa wasn’t officially becoming a saint, she would always be a saint to her and her family.

Mother Teresa’s canonization is expected to take place at the Vatican next September.

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