Local lawmaker files legislation to arm National Guard recruiters

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach lawmaker is fighting to make sure those who sign up to protect us can protect themselves if need be.

Delegate Scott Taylor just introduced new legislation that would allow National Guardsmen with concealed-carry permits to have their firearms while they’re on duty at recruitment centers.

The scenes have been tragic at military installations and facilities over the last several years.  There was Fort Hood in 2009 and again in 2014.  Then a small recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee where four Marines and one Sailor lost their lives. These were people trained to combat even the toughest of opponents overseas, killed while home in the country they serve and volunteer to protect.

“You already saw in Chattanooga,” said Delegate Taylor.  “You saw in Fort Hood our military here stateside are targets as well.  They’ve been called out as targets and such online.  Americans have really been in a bubble for a long time thinking it doesn’t happen here on this soil.  Well 9/11 changed everything.”

Delegate Taylor says his newly introduced legislation addresses a new harsh reality. The idea has been praised on his social media pages, garnering hundreds of likes and shares.

“It’s just common sense legislation that enables the folks that are out there trying to protect us to protect themselves,” said Taylor.  “There’s a Rasmussen report that came out in between October and November that shows over 85 percent of military folks support having the right to have a concealed carry permit whether on stateside bases or recruitment centers.”

He admits there was some trepidation to his initial idea.

“We heard the concerns of the Commander initially and then we put something in there to not stop them from being able to train properly and do their operations,” said Taylor.

He’s hoping the bill will make it to Governor McAuliffe’s desk and receive his signature in the end.  He says this legislation just gives Guardsmen the same protections anyone else could have if they walked into a recruitment center with a concealed carry permit.

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