Princess Anne swim team mysteriously sick after meet at Maury High

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Parents of students at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach want to know what got their kids sick Thursday night.

They tell 10 On Your Side more than half of the Princess Anne swim team got sick Thursday night during a meet at Maury High School in Norfolk.

Swimmers say as soon as they got in the water they noticed something strange bubble up inside.

“Maybe 10 minutes later, I started feeling a little sick. My stomach started feeling queasy,” Junior Thomas Rios said.

Rios went to the locker room and threw up. He wasn’t the only one. Most of the 32 swimmers on the team were sick.

“It definitely is concerning knowing we all got sick after last night,” Rios added. “We never want to see that happen.”

Jess Stevenson says his son got sick too. He wonders what was causing the problem?

“When I walked in it was immediately clear that the water was dirty,” Stevenson said.

Norfolk Schools Officials say they are sure it was not the water. They tell 10 On Your Side it was tested by school staff before the meet and met all standards. They also say the health department was out at the school Friday to test it and everything was OK.

“I’m sure Maury had the best intentions to have a pool that is safe but something was missed, and it wasn’t the best conditions for the swimmers,” Stevenson added.

What caused the illness is still a mystery. One that might never be solved.

“It should be taken care of and hopefully it doesn’t happen in the future,” Stevenson said.

Friday, The Princess Anne coach canceled practice to give the swimmers another day to recover.

Norfolk Schools says none of the Maury High swimmers got sick during Thursday’s meet, and the same pool was used earlier in the week for a district meet and none of those swimmers got sick either.

Virginia Beach Schools tells 10 On Your Side one of the 32 Princess Anne swimmers was sick from school on Friday.

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