Peeping Tom pastor awaits sentencing

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The former pastor of a Norfolk church is awaiting sentencing for breaking into a family’s home and videotaping a young woman. But his fate won’t be known because the sentencing that was supposed to happen has been delayed.

Norfolk Police said 44-year-old Michael Jones broke into a family’s home and set up cameras in a bedroom and bathroom to spy on a woman who lives there.

It started back in December of last year. That’s when court papers said he first broke into a home that belonged to a fellow pastor from the Norfolk Apostolic Church where Jones was an associate pastor.

The papers explain he installed a camera in the main bathroom. Then he took nude pictures of the mother and 19-year-old daughter, but he did not stop there.

In April of this year he again broke into the home and installed cameras; in one of the daughter’s bedrooms. That’s when he got caught.

The same night when the father of the house reviewed his own surveillance cameras he saw Michael Jones breaking in and installing the cameras.

Last July, Jones pleaded guilty to charges of indecent videotaping and felony burglary. However, before a judge could sentence him Friday, his lawyer revealed an identity mix-up.

The pre-sentencing report listed Jones as a two-time felon in the state of Maryland. Jones and his lawyer claim that’s not him. The state of Maryland has not confirmed that.

The next sentencing will be in January of next year.

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