Next year NSU freshmen will be required to live on campus

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – There will soon be some major changes to the admission requirements for Norfolk State University freshmen.

During its meeting Friday, the Board of Visitors voted unanimously to require all freshmen to live on campus.

Edward Willis, Vice President of Student Affairs said, “Any student who is a first time in college freshman coming into the university, we’re going to require them to live on campus.”

Willis says the move was years in the making.

“It’s really based on the foundation around academics supporting students academically. Literature, research data, tells us that when students live on campus for at least one year they do better academically,” Willis said.

Some students won’t be forced to live on campus. Exemptions to the new rule include:

  • Students who live within a 35 mile radius to the campus
  • Anyone over 21
  • Married students
  • Students in the military
  • Parents
  • Students with an extreme financial hardship

Willis said, “If someone wants to object to it, we’ll look at it case by case.”

According to Willis, there are about 1,800 students currently living on campus including freshmen and upper classmen. He said space to accommodate incoming students won’t be a problem.

“We looked at our enrollment trends and sort of matched that to this particular policy and the impact it would have, and we believe we’re going to be OK for a few years,” Willis said.

Student’s reaction to the decision was mixed.

Sakin Burt, Senior NSU student said, “I do think there is a lot of distractions coming to live on campus…I’m an off campus student, I think I’m a little bit more focused.”

While Jada Younger, a freshman NSU student said, “I think it’s better when you live on campus because you can experience more and then you can also get into organizations.”

The new rule goes into effect in the Fall of 2016.

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