VBPD: Suspect used stolen gun in series of violent crimes

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Investigators have tied weapons recovered from the scene of a deadly police-involved shooting in September to a string of violent crimes in Virginia Beach. Police Chief Jim Cervera held a press conference Tuesday to release the ballistic results.

Police say Angelo Perry and India Kager were sitting in a car parked outside a 7-Eleven on Lynnhaven Parkway just after midnight on Sept. 5, when Perry started shooting at officers as they approached the car. Officers returned fire killing both Perry and Kager. Their infant son was in a carrier in the back seat, but he was not injured.

Perry fired four shots at officers and the chief said his officers returned a total of 30 rounds.

There were two firearms recovered from inside the Angelo Perry’s vehicle: a Kel-Tec 9mm semi-automatic pistol and a TEC-DC9 semi-automatic handgun.

“Forensic analysis of the ballistic evidence directly links the weapons recovered from Angelo Perry on that night to a series of violent crimes in Virginia Beach,” Chief Cervera said Tuesday.

Timeline of violent crimes:

June 13, 2015 — A man was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of Malibu Palms Apartments. Among the items stolen from the victim was the weapon discovered on Angelo Perry the night he opened fire on the police officers, the Kel-tec 9mm, Chief Cervera said.

July 27, 2015 –  A man was shot in his shoulder on Arthur Avenue in the Pecan Gardens subdivision while he was walking to a nearby basketball court. Ballistic evidence of the weapon used in this crime matched the same 9mm stolen in June.

August 11, 2015 — Guy Cuffee was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound to his head on Wentworth Drive in the Manchester Village neighborhood of Green Run. As he would often do, police say, Mr. Cuffee drove from his home in Portsmouth to pick up his daughter to take her to work so she wouldn’t have to walk. Ballistics matched the same Kel-tec 9mm handgun recovered from Perry.

August 17, 2015 — A home invasion robbery was reported on Baker Court in the Hillcrest Aparments. A man and woman were home when two people kicked in the front door. The suspects pistol-whipped the man and shot him in the hand and the woman was shot point-blank in the face. She survived, but was seriously wounded. Ballistics recovered at the scene matched both the Kel-tech 9mm pistol and the TEC-DC9 handgun recovered from Perry. Investigators are keeping this case open because there was a second person involved.

August 22, 2015Devontai Snowden was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Atlantis Apartments on Sea Cove Court. Again, ballistics from this homicide matched both the Kel-tech 9mm pistol and the TEC-DC9 handgun. Detectives found 15 shell casings at the scene. This also remains an open investigation because there was a second suspect in this case.

September 5 – Virginia Beach police officers tried to take Perry into custody outside the 7-Eleven, acting on tips from the community. Chief Cervera said there was “definitive evidence that he was going to do more violence in our city.”

Chief Cervera said over a period of 40 days, six people were shot, two of them killed – and all of the cases can be linked to the guns found in Angelo Perry’s possession on Sept. 5.

Both the Snowden and Cuffee families were notified by Virginia Beach Police that their cases will be closed as a result of the forensic analysis. Angelo Perry’s wife in Georgia and the parents of India Kager were notified that police would be presenting the ballistic evidence to the public, Chief Cervera said.

Chief Cervera says his department is about a week away from sending the entire case file to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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