Mother of fatal shooting victim speaks after learning who was responsible

Picture of Guy Cuffee provided by family members.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The last four months have been a nightmare for Gail Ramsey. Her son Guy Cuffee was shot and killed after dropping his daughter off in Virginia Beach.

“It was wrong what they did to him,” Ramsey said. “They walked up and shot him for no reason.”

Cuffee died August 11 on Wentworth Drive. For months Ramsey waited for answers from Police. On Dec. 7, they told her who was responsible.

“All this time I’ve been thinking this person is out here on the street walking around,” Ramsey added. “I’m thinking he might harm somebody else, but all in due time I find out that it was this young man who did that.”

Police say the gun used to kill Cuffee belonged to Angelo Perry. They linked bullets and casings from the scene on Wentworth to the gun Perry was using when he got into a shoot out with police Sept. 5. Perry was killed by officers in gun fire.

“Why did he do this?” the mother asked. “Why did he take my son’s life? Then I found out this man took out other people.”

“If we look at this in a perspective within a series of 26 days, these weapons were used to shoot five individuals, killing two of them,” said Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera. “Just 14 days later the same weapon was used to shoot at our police officers.

Police linked the guns found on Perry when he died to four violent crimes in June, July and August. There were home invasions, shootings and two murders.

“He had no remorse,” Ramsey said. “He didn’t care. He was just the kind of person that is doing what he wanted to do.”

Police say they are still looking for accomplices in most of Perry’s crimes. They feel confident that Perry was at the center of the violence.

“I feel good that this man can not harm anybody else’s child,” Ramsey added. “He could have left him alone he didn’t have to take my son.”

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