Community flocks to help Va. Beach soldier

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The community is lifting up a Virginia Beach Soldier. Eulalio Mestre had his home broken into last week. Every room in the house was damaged.

Thursday night, the sounds of destruction were once again echoing from Mestre’s home on Banyan Drive. This time though, things are being torn apart on purpose.

“It’s ridiculous that somebody could do this to somebody’s house, especially somebody that has served our country,” said Robina Austin.

Last Wednesday, someone came through a downstairs window of Mestre’s house. Cabinets were torn off, counter tops split in two and toilets broken.

10 On Your Side told Mestre’s story Tuesday and the community has done the rest.

“It’s worse honestly than I thought it would be,” Austin added. “The TV didn’t do it justice.”

They’ve pitched in to help in a big way. Austin never met Mestre, but she felt compelled to come to his house and get dirty.

“It’s pretty bad,” said Austin.

Meste is Staff Sergeant in the Army. He was returning from a three-year assignment at Fort Lewis in Washington. When he came home his world was turned upside down.

“It’s just a high and low,” Mistre said. “Tuesday was a low and today is just a new high.”

Jon Schmier, owner of Defiant Property Preservation wanted to pitch in too.

“My brother was in the Army and my dad was in the Navy,” Schmier added. “This man goes out and fights for our country. I felt it in my heart to come and do something for him.”

But brute force hasn’t been the only thing offered.

“A gentleman came up to me and handed me his business card and a check from his colleagues and himself for $500,”  Mestre said. “I never met this guy.”

It just shows in the face of disaster there’s always a breath of goodness.

“I thought I was going to call you guys and nothing was going to happen, but now the WAVY crew and people I’ve never met are here,” Mestre added. “It’s just amazing the help and the love the community is showing for my family.”

Contractors are trying to have all the repairs done by Thanksgiving.

The family has set up a donation page for anyone who wants to help.


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