Repeat DUI offender sentenced in Gates Co.

GATES COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) – A repeat drunk driving offender is heading to prison after her sentencing Monday in Gates County.

Alexandria Ferguson, 44, has now been convicted of driving under the influence five times, with seven arrests overall. A local representative for Mothers Against Drunk Driving is pleased with the sentence.

“I’m happy, happy, happy that she’s finally behind bars,” said Kaye Walsh, a victim advocate for MADD.

Judge Edgar Barnes gave Ferguson a two-year suspended sentence, with six months active jail time. Upon release, she will be on probation and must wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet as part of her suspended sentence. If Ferguson would re-offend during the two years, she would go back to jail.

“I believe Ms. Ferguson got what she deserved. She absolutely deserved time,'” said District Attorney Andrew Womble. “She deserved a prison sentence for the multiple DWIs.”

In one of her seven previous arrests, Ferguson’s 2-year-old son was in the car in Elizabeth City. That case ended with a plea to reckless driving. However Ferguson has had four prior DUI convictions, two each in Georgia and Virginia. Her conviction this morning marked her fifth for DUI.

Ferguson’s latest case dated back two years, when she was arrested in Corapeake. She remained free on bond during appeal until Monday. Walsh says justice has been done. “It’s due to you and WAVY 10, that finally something was done. I honestly believe that.”

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