Pet cat loses leg after being shot with a bow and arrow

Courtesy of WKRG News 5.

MOBILE, Al. (WKRG) — A Mobile woman is in shock after her pet cat was shot with a bow and arrow in her neighborhood, which is inside the city limits.

Paula Wahn said she knew something was wrong when her 7-year-old cat, Louis, didn’t come to the back door after she called his name last Wednesday afternoon.

She found Louis in the shrubs behind the backyard shed with a 30-inch hunting arrow sticking out of his leg, whimpering from the pain.

Wahn and her husband rushed Louis to the vet. An x-ray showed the arrow penetrated through the right side of his body and out his left, shattering his left femur.

Miraculously, the arrow missed his vital organs by less than an inch, but his leg was forced to be amputated. Wahn said the vet told her it’s possible Louis was shot at point blank range.

“That means someone shot my baby when he was looking at them,” Wahn said. “It’s not right. It’s not right to shoot domestic animals in the city limits,” Wahn said.
Now that Louis is learning to hobble around, Wahn is focusing her attention on fighting for justice.

“That’s the goal, to prevent this from happening to another innocent animal!” Wahn said.

According to the Mobile Police Department, they’re still investigating to find out who’s responsible. The shooter would face a class C felony charge for animal cruelty if identified.

Wahn believes it might be someone who lives nearby. “We’ve had animals, our beloved pets that have disappeared and we’ve never known what happened to them…now I think I know why.”

Wahn hopes anyone with information or surveillance video will come forward in hopes it could lead to an arrest.

“I won’t stop fighting until there’s justice for Louis,” Wahn said, adding she’s hiring an attorney.

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