Warning: IRS Scam running rampant

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAVY) — Some old scams are getting new life and the information crooks have about you is scary.

10 On Your Side has been getting lots of calls recently about phony IRS agents calling people at home. One in particular caught our attention.

When Patrick and Launa Byrd got a call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent they were suspicious right away. “They said we owe $30,000, ” Launa told WAVY.com.

But the amount of information the alleged agent on the other end of the line had may make some believe the call was legit. “They had my social and they had my address and they knew we were a family of four. Where this information is coming from is starting to get a little unnerving, ” Patrick said.

The real IRS says this scam is spreading across the entire country right now. The con artists on the other end of the line are very convincing.

He had a bogus IRS badge number and when Byrd questioned him about IRS practices saying they send mail, not call, the man said he had sent mail. “.. and you didn’t reply so we have to get more aggressive. It’s time for you to make restitution,” Patrick recounted.

The IRS says these scammers are often overseas making them beyond the reach of US law enforcement. Still if you receive a call officials urge you to report it to the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Trade Commission.

Bottom line,  the IRS states it will never call and demand money and they certainly won’t demand you use a debit or credit card. They will never threaten to send police to your home and, as Launa pointed out,  when she called back the scammers, the IRS would never pick up the phone that quickly.

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