An app tracking floods is now working to predict them

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A year ago 10 On Your Side showed you an app called Sea Level Rise. The app is a way to follow flooding as it happens.

The creators of that app now have another idea in mind. They want to work with scientists to show you a flood event days before it happens.

Skip Stiles and his group, Wetlands Watch, started Sea Level Rise, “There’s a whole bunch of people who are interested in that type of information, emergency managers, Hampton Roads Transit, I want to change my routes today, and insurance companies.” he said.

Derek Loftis, a scientist from the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, is working with Stiles, “We use the same model to figure out where the water goes both the timing extent and the depth of the flooding. Its the three things people care about, is it going to reach my house, if not then I don’t care about the other two things.” he said.

Loftis uses the Sea Level Rise app to check his predictions. The goal is to eventually improve the app so that users will know before flood waters are on the way.

“They would get a push message to their phone that says, I know where your car is and move your car because you’ll be six inches under water at ten o’ clock tomorrow.” Stiles said.

Sea Level Rise is already being used in several other states, but now they are now working with the VIMS to not just catalog floods, but help predict them in the future.

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