Norfolk police chief addresses Saturday shootings

Chief Goldsmith addresses violence in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith addressed two deadly shootings that happened within an hour of each other early Saturday morning, calling on the community to help his officers put an end to violence in the city.

“In both cases, two men lost their lives and two people were injured, all because two people chose to resolve an argument with a gun,” Goldsmith said. “As a parent, I cannot fathom this inherent disregard for human life. As a police chief, I refuse to allow this mentality to become commonplace in our city.”

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Police later identified the victim of one of the shootings as 20-year-old Joseph Bose, a Hampton University student.

Anissa Jones said she saw Bose lying on the ground in a parking lot at 35th Street and Killam Avenue, and pointed out bullet holes that had riddled homes in her neighborhood.

In response to the chief’s message, Jones said police need to guide the community to understand how they can help end violence.

“Every time you call the police, no one ever comes,” Jones said. “When I was a little girl, I used to see on the side of the police saying they’re here to protect and serve. But where is that at now?”

Goldsmith said although officers would be stepping up patrols, they can’t bring down violence on their own.

“All 745 police officers will continue to do their job. Now it’s time for the 245,000 people living in this city to do theirs. We need your help,” he said. “Acts of violence in one neighborhood should affect us all. Working collaboratively is the only way to find solutions and support each other so we can come back stronger.”




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