Donald Trump holds rally in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — During a campaign speech at the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Donald Trump hit on immigration, the Second Amendment, and outlined his goals for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“In New York, I’m king of zoning. I am going to build a wall,” Trump told the large crowd gathered. “A Great Wall and it will probably be named after me.”

Trump also addressed his goals for the Department of Veterans Affairs, which he called “absolutely unacceptable” in its current state.

“Corruption and incompetence were totally excused,” Trump said, specifically referencing wait time for veterans at VA hospitals. “Politicians in Washington have done too little, too slowly to fix it. […] When I become president, it will be fixed, and we will fix it fast.”

Trump said his plan for the Department of Veterans Affairs would “support the whole veteran” by decreasing wait times, improving health outcomes, and helping veterans transition from military to civilian life.

Trump said he would fire “corrupt and incompetent” VA executives as part of his plan, and allow veterans to seek health care at any facility that accepts Medicare.

Click on the video players below to hear Trump’s speech in its entirety.

Last month, Trump’s rally in Virginia Beach was cancelled because of the severe weather.

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