Wayward buoy rescued from Va. Beach shore

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A wayward buoy returned home after washing up on Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront.

The Coast Guard and Navy teamed up to bring the 6,000 pound channel marker back to the water. The Navy Seabees used cables to pull the buoy back to the sea.

A spokesperson said the buoy went missing for more than a year, after It snapped loose from a chain near the Maryland-Virginia border. Then high tides caused by Hurricane Joaquin washed the buoy onto the Oceanfront.

“With storm surge and Hurricane Joaquin you get all these different currents. You get higher than normal water,” Chief Nyx Cangemi of the U.S. Coast Guard said. “Just the fact that this buoy went on its own little adventure for 13 months and decided to come back up after Hurricane Joaquin is quite remarkable.”

After repairs to the buoy, the Coast Guard said it will not be returned to its original channel. Instead they will find it a new home off the coast of Virginia.

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