Snow baby boom about to hit Hampton Roads

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — There’s a bit of a baby boom happening in Hampton Roads right now. Local hospitals tell 10 On Your Side they are unusually busy this month.

So what’s behind the boom?

To figure that out you have to go back to January when Hampton Roads was under a blanket of snow for several weeks. The Macaraig’s of Norfolk, like many other couples, had some unexpected “quality time together.”

“I was going to TCC. Every time I look at my cell phone, I always see an alert class is cancelled so I was home a lot of times,” laughed Arturo Macaraig.

Add to that snow storm, two Navy homecomings, the USS Leyte Gulf and the USS Boise and you’ve got bouncing baby boys and girls in greater numbers than usual for October.

“We are actually about 20 births ahead and if we keep on the trend we could have an additional 30 more,” said Tamara King, the unit manager at the Bon Secours DePaul Center for Birth.

This boom is likely just beginning. Riverside Regional Medical Center tells 10 On Your Side they are preparing for even more births in November.

That nine-month pregnancy is a bit of a misnomer. Women are actually pregnant for 40 weeks which means we could see an avalanche of snow babies before autumn ends.

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