Rabid raccoon reported fighting with dogs in Chesapeake

CHESAPEAKE Va. (WAVY) — The Chesapeake Health Department says a rabid raccoon has been fighting with several dogs in the Pleasant Grove section of Chesapeake.

The dogs were up to date on vaccinations and are in quarantine, but the Health Department is concerned that the raccoon may have attacked other pets or animals.

If you think your pet may have come into contact with this raccoon or another infected animal, contact the Chesapeake Animal Control at (757) 382-8080 or the Chesapeake Health Department at (757) 382-8672.

Remember to keep your pets up to date on vaccinations and do not approach wildlife. Keep your trash cans secured to prevent wild animals from coming close to your home.

For more information on rabies visit the Virginia Department of Health’s website at http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/Epidemiology/DEE/Rabies/ or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at www.cdc.gov/rabies.

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