Portsmouth boat ramp closed again

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — The Portsmouth boat ramp is closed for a second time this year. City officials said storms in October damaged it to the point where it’s unsafe to keep it open.

While the city looks at repair bills, one local business says when the boat ramp closes, so do their money-making opportunities.

Portsmouth’s boat ramp usually brings people from all over for a day on the water.

Photos: Portsmouth public boat ramp closed again

“It’s a beautiful boat ramp, I mean it’s one of the nicest boat ramps in Tidewater,” Travis Parker of Bill’s Marine, a boat sales and service company said. “It’s a part of our business as much as this building is a part of our business.”

Parker said they couldn’t work without it.

“Our service department uses it every day, two or three times a day, after they’ve repaired a boat to check it out,” Parker said. “You know to make sure it’s repaired and running right before we return it to a customer.”

The ramp first closed in June and then again in October after the storms and tide; weather ripped up pilings and planks.

“So now, we are basically having to go to the Jordan Bridge and have to go through the tunnel’s every day and that’s a lot longer trip to get back and forth every day,” Parker said.

Between the travel and tolls Bill’s Marine said the closing is more than an inconvenience.

On Friday, 10 On Your Side called the city of Portsmouth. A spokesperson told WAVY the city is waiting for quotes for repair work, but doesn’t expect a storm reimbursement.

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