Neighbors report crime uptick in Bayview, Ocean View

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk residents throughout several neighborhoods are sick of dealing with petty crime. Specifically in the Bayview area, neighbors said they have been dealing with vehicle break-ins, thefts, and vandalism.

“I feel like the community needs to know about what’s going on,” said a resident of the Marquis Villa complex on Chesapeake Boulevard.

The resident, who didn’t want her name used for the story, said she went out to her car early Wednesday morning and found it had been ransacked.

“The middle compartment was open,” said the woman. “Papers were everywhere.”

The resident told her ID, debit card, money, and a prescription were all taken from her vehicle. She said her neighbor’s vehicle had a smashed window.

“It’s sad that people have to do this,” she said.

About half a mile away, neighbors say someone recently threw bricks through the windows of a vacant home on Sturgis Rd. On Swanson Road, Jim Fowlkes had someone rummage through his truck and steal a few bucks in change.

“It’s my property,” said Fowlkes. “And I don’t steal from anybody.”

There have been several larcenies from vehicles and vandalism cases in Bayview in the last few weeks. Neighbors tell the problem has been going on for months.

According to the Norfolk Police Department’s CrimeView Community website, Bayview has had seven larcenies from vehicles cases and five vandalism cases reported to police since October 1. Some neighbors, like Fowlkes, admits he didn’t make a police report because he knew he left his truck unlocked.

Neighbors said the crime doesn’t stop in Bayview. There have also been several vandalism and larceny from vehicles cases reported since October 1 in both West Ocean View and East Ocean View.

At this point, Norfolk police have not said if the cases are related.

Fowlkes said he has made changes to his property to deter the suspects.

“Within the last week, I’ve gotten a security camera, I’ve gotten lights up here,” said Fowlkes. “And Lord help them if I catch them!”

Neighbors are using a Facebook group to spread the word on new incidents and organize meetings. In the last weeks, Bayview residents have created a Neighborhood Watch because of the problems. They have another meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 27 at Pretlow Library in Ocean View. The meeting starts at 7 p.m.

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