Bobby Wilder talks about ODU stadium plans

NORFOLK (WAVY) —  It’s inevitable, Old Dominion will be building a new football stadium sometime in the next few years. Consultants have been hired and thousands of fans have been surveyed.

Where will Old Dominion build it’s new football stadium, how big will it be and how will it look. The most popular location still seems to be the area on the west end of campus, the longtime site of the Powhatan Village Apartments.

The other option, is to rebuild Foreman Field, but it would have to be built in phases over several years. ODU’s Chief Operations officer, David Harnage, supports the Powhatan site. And apparently so does coach Wilder.

“Ideally if it was the Powhatan site then we don’t have to move from S.B. Ballard until the stadium is ready,” Wilder said.  “If it is going to be remodeling S.B. Ballard then it’s got to be around the football season, so we’re playing for 4 months and then they have 8 months to do it in phases, so in a perfect world it would be the Powhatan site.”

For more, tune into the Old Dominion Football Show with Bruce Rader and Coach Bobby Wilder Friday night at 10:45 on FOX 43.

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