Norfolk to bid out beach replenishment again

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Plans to bring back the beach along Ocean View are on the front burner once again. The bidding process has been a rough one and then the coastal storm put things behind.

The city of Norfolk is trying to get the beach replenishment program back on track.

Wind and water are the two enemies of the Norfolk’s shoreline and for years the combination has devastated the beaches at Ocean View.

“We are looking at awarding a contract in the December time frame and starting construction January 2016,” Robert Pretlow of the Army Corps Of Engineers said. “Then the contract will have a 365 day period of time to actually dredge the sand and place it along the seven mile shoreline.”

While the Army Corps of Engineers designed the scope of the project. October’s high tide brought more erosion damage.

“The city of Norfolk has taken some surveys of the shoreline, and we should have that information back in a couple of weeks,” Pretlow said. “Then we can determine volume wise how much material was lost.”

If you ask residents like John Greene, the October floods devastated the beaches.

“Nobody really expected to lose 20 feet of beachfront and to have little sprigs of grass at the end of all the wind and rain,” Greene said.

Friday, the city of Norfolk called civic leaders into a meeting to explain what they can do in the mean time; to protect the shoreline in the short-term.

“The city is looking at emergency measures,” Greene said. “I think they’ve got a plan to do that and they’ve got some funding to take care of the areas most immediately affected.”

From the meeting, Greene said the plan will bring more grass and fill some of the more at-risk dunes; while waiting for the long-term replenishment plan.

“I’m confident the city has a handle on it and they are pursuing all of this aggressively,” Greene smiled.

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