Couple arrested in weapons, car heist

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Deputies in North Carolina tracked down a couple believed by police to have stolen several guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a car.

Raymond Mestas says his silver Pontiac Aztec was stolen from his driveway between midnight-3 a.m. Thursday by a friend he was allowing to stay with him because he was homeless.

Twenty-five-year-old Austin Leigh had been staying at Mestas’ home on McDowell Road in Norfolk for six weeks before the heist. Leigh is alleged to have stolen the vehicle with the help of his girlfriend, 21-year-old Gabrielle Muzychko.

Mestas first noticed his car missing before he realized his home office was wiped of four assault style weapons, including two AR-15 handguns, an AK-47 and a Remmington rifle. In addition, Mestas says about 600 rounds of ammunition was taken from his office closet. He says the damage is estimated at $7,000.

Norfolk police say they quickly identified Leigh and Muzychko as suspects, but they would not release their names until they were arrested due to the ongoing investigation.

Police across Hampton Roads and surrounding regions were on the lookout Thursday for the couple. The Norfolk Fugitive Squad was alerted Friday afternoon to the stolen SUV in Brunswick, N.C. Local deputies arrested the couple following a traffic stop after being called to assist.

Norfolk police say Leigh and Muzychko each face six counts of grand larceny in connection with the stolen car and guns. Leigh faces an additional weapons charge for possessing a gun after a felony conviction.

Police say they have requested a warrant to search the stolen vehicle, so it is still unclear if the weapons were also recovered.

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