Portsmouth mom pleads guilty to assault at elementary school

Jeneve Marshall

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A woman accused of assaulting elementary school students last month was back in court Wednesday.

Jeneve Marshall, 27, of Portsmouth pleaded guilty to six charges stemming from a September incident in which Marshall went to her son’s classroom and forced him to fight another classmate.

In mid-September, inside a 5th grade classroom at James Hurst elementary, police said Marshall ordered her son to attack another boy.

“She just came in cursing saying, ‘Who hit my son?’” a student in the room that day said. “She pushed me out-of-the-way. She started pushing one of the boys into her son and ordered him to fight him.”

Parents allowed 10 On Your Side to talk to their kids about what happened that day, one student said he was the target of the attack. Marshall held him down while ordering her son to hit him.

“Then he tried to punch me. I dodged it and ducked. Then we just started fighting. Then the lady came over and pushed me. Both of us fell on the desk.,” said the child.

Court reports said Marshall pushed three other children as well.

The mother of the student attacked said she has questions that go beyond what happened in the classroom — Why did the attack happen in the first place? and How did Jeneve get into this school like that, with all these staff that’s present?”

Marshall agreed to plead guilty to disorderly conduct, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and four assault charges. In exchange, she will spend one year in jail.

10 On Your Side reached out to the school system to find out why Marshall was allowed in the classroom that day. Spokesperson Ari Durall provided this statement:

The security protocol in place is that the doors remain open when students are entering in the morning and exiting at the end of the day. During the instructional day, the doors are closed/locked and visitors need a badge or have to be buzzed in by an administrator.

During the time of the incident in question, the parent entered the school with her child in the morning when the doors were open. Due to the parent’s stature, she blended in with the students and walked straight up to the classroom. All security protocols were followed and hall monitors, door monitors and teachers were in place at the time of the incident.

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