Andy Fox one-on-one with Hillary Clinton

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side’s Andy Fox talked one-on-one with Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Fresh off Tuesday’s debate — the highest rated democratic debate in history — Hillary Clinton talked about the issues in the aftermath of the face off in Las Vegas.

WAVY asked her specifically about what a Clinton presidency would mean for military spending in Hampton Roads. We ask her about why her chief opponent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be cutting through the political clutter and connecting with voters.

We bring up to her that Sanders was thought to be the overwhelming winner of Tuesday night’s debate, according to a poll on We asked Clinton whether the success of the Sanders’ campaign bothers her.

“I do think it is good that Senator Sanders is energizing the party, but I think I will be the nominee, and I will take it to the republicans,” said Clinton.

We asked her about former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee’s questioning her ethical standards. In the debate Chafee said, “I think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. That’s how I feel.”

When asked if she wanted to respond Clinton said, “No,” to great and loud applause by an audience who was interested in issues affecting the nation rather than the candidates. We asked her to respond to it, “I’m not going to respond,” she replied. But then she did respond by saying, “I think the people of New York elected me twice, President Obama selected me, his chief opponent in the 2008 election, to be his Secretary of State. I think my record speaks for itself.”

It is obvious that the debate crowd agreed with that sentiment.

We asked her about defense in Hampton Roads and what would she do as commander-in-chief. “Sequestration has been a very blunt instrument to try to keep down spending, and it has disproportionately impacted on preparing for the future in whatever we have to deal with when it comes to military spending,” she replied. “We have problems. We will have to deal with that around the world, and we can’t do it without having the Navy of the future.  I would like to begin to peel back the effects of sequestration. That doesn’t mean every expenditure by the military should be continued…to cut spending across the board regardless of consequences without taking into account where we need to be positioned for the future I believe it is not the right way to go.”

Clinton also understands her possible place in history to be the first female President. She has often spoken about that last glass ceiling in America.

You can watch the full interview below:

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