Tragic details emerge in local sex trafficking case

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Tragic details coming out of court Wednesday in the case of a local teenager who was a victim of sex trafficking.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney revealed the five people captured in Monday’s raid at the EconoLodge on Northampton Boulevard in Virginia Beach are involved with the prostitution of a 16-year-old girl.

At the bond hearing, new details were revealed about the suspects and their involvement with the teenager.

Here’s what we know:

  • The teenage victim was initially approached by Tajaika Blackston and her boyfriend at the time, Darryl Threat. They were concerned about her age, and allegedly passed the teen over to Shade Castro.
  • Castro, who still denies charges against her, allegedly began prostituting the teen by posting ads online. After an undetermined amount of time, she passed the victim back to Blackston and Threat.
  • Cordario Uzzle and Keith Threat then got involved, allegedly taking over the victim and prostituting the girl.
  • After some time with Uzzle, the victim escaped and called police, leading them to the Econo Lodge.

Uzzle, Darryl Threat, Keith Threat, and Blackston all admit to being involved with prostituting the teen. Shade Castro denies all charges.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney requested no bond for any of the suspects, and the judge agreed due to outstanding probation in some cases and past collaboration to commit a crime in all cases.

  • Cordario Uzzle, 22, was accused of several violent acts against the victim. The Commonwealth says he would kick and slap her in private areas, sometimes causing bleeding, if she missed appointments or failed to comply with his requests. The Commonwealth says that Uzzle would cock an unloaded gun against the victim’s leg and pull the trigger, purposefully pinching her skin in the mechanism of the gun. He also threatened the victim with violence against her family members if she didn’t cooperate, saying he “knew where her sister was.” He admitted to having heroin and counterfeit money at the time of his arrest. He is charged with maintain or frequent bawdy place, sex trafficking, prostitution aiding/assisting in procurement, prostitution-enticement, procurement employed by enterprise and participate in racketeering. Bond was denied.
  • Darryl Threat, 21, was romantically involved with Tajaika Blackston when they encountered the victim. He was on supervised probation stemming from 2012 charges of felony alluding and grand larceny at the time of his arrest. His defense says he lives in Norfolk with his current girlfriend, but the Commonwealth says he’s homeless. He has three kids, ages 1, 2, and 4. Darryl Threat is charged with employed by enterprise, participate in racketeering, pander, pimp, or receive money from prostitute, probation violation- felony, sex trafficking by force, prostitution aiding/assisting in procurement and prostitution receiving money, ect for procurement. Bond was denied.
  • Shade Castro, 22, denies charges of prostitution aiding/assisting in procurement, pander, pimp, or receive money from prostitute employed by enterprise, participate in racketeering sex trafficking. Bond was denied.
  • Keith Threat, 21, is tied to the Bloods and was on probation for illegal possession of alcohol. He says he lives in Chesapeake with his grandmother, but the Commonwealth says he’s homeless. He is charged with sex trafficking, employed by enterprise, participate in racketeering and maintain or frequent bawdy place. Bond was denied.
  • Tajaika Blackston, 21, had just finished probation in June for a past robbery conviction. She is unemployed. Blackston is charged with prostitution aiding/assisting in procurement pander, pimp, or receive money from prostitute employed by enterprise, participate in racketeering sex trafficking. Bond was denied.

All are being held in Virginia Beach City Jail, and all have denied interview requests from 10 On Your Side.

Police said in court Wednesday morning that they found drugs and guns in the raid of the Northampton Boulevard hotel room. More charges could be coming.

The next hearing date is unknown, but the determination of hearing date is set for October 21.

Their arrests were part of a nationwide operation called Cross Country. Virginia Beach Police are not saying how many other suspects were arrested over the past week as a result of the operation, but 10 On Your Side looked at all the people arrested in the city over the past week and we found nine men and women who were arrested for charges related to pimping or prostitution.

10 On Your Side confirmed two men are accused of selling a minor of sex.  They are:

  • Kendrick Booker, 23 – pimp, receive money from prostitutes,aiding prostitution
  • Khalil Ferebee, 20 – pimp, receive money from prostitutes, use vehicle to promote prostitution

Virginia Beach was not the only Hampton Roads city involved.

Members of the Norfolk Police Vice and Narcotics Division with the assistance of the FBI, charged a total of 18 people with 28 crimes. 17 of the suspects arrested were woman; one was a juvenile.

Here is the list of the 26 charges for the 17 women:

  • 17 prostitution charges
  • 2 outstanding warrants from Virginia Beach
  • 3 outstanding warrants from Norfolk
  • 1 outstanding warrant from Prince William County
  • 1 possession of marijuana
  • 1 possession of cocaine
  • 1 false information to police

Vice and Narcotics also charged one man with pandering and use of a vehicle for prostitution. The Norfolk operation was conducted between October 7 and 9.

Chesapeake Police released the following information about the arrests made as a result of the operation conducted in their city.

  • Malisa Bush, charged with prostitution
  • Aihua Song, charged with prostitution
  • Kendall Golding – charged with prostitution, possession of Schedule II narcotics
  • Kendall Taylor – charged with prostitution
  • Jamison Stallone Chapman – charged with simultaneous possession of a firearm while possessing Schedule II narcotic, possession of Schedule II narcotic
  • Kleo Washington – charged with prostitution, FTA possession of marijuana, FTA driving on suspended license 6th offense, false ID to avoid arrest, possession of Schedule II, possession of Schedule IV

Chesapeake Police say while the focus of the operation was on human trafficking, these arrests were based on criminal activity that took place during the operation.

In Hampton, six arrests were made during the two-day operation.

  • Andrea Rivers, 25, charged with prostitution
  • Keyonte Patrice Parker, 30, charged with prostitution, failure to appear, probation violation
  • Raheem Devante Fennell, 23, charged with prostitution
  • Emily Grant Mandell, 28, charged with prostitution, probation violation
  • Patrick Smith, 36, charged with solicitation of prostitution
  • Ryan Alan Keil, 37, solicitation of prostitution



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