FEMA team returns from providing aid in South Carolina

Photo courtesy: Virginia Task Force 2 Urban Search and Rescue Team Facebook Page

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A special team of firefighters and first responders returned to Hampton Roads Sunday night.

“Task Force Two Urban Search and Rescue” was called to assist with flood relief in South Carolina. The team visited two counties and 1,900 homes.

“When we met them through walking or doing primary and secondary searches they were offering us items,” said Virginia Beach District Chief Michael Barakey. “They were so appreciative of us being out there, they were trying to give back to us.”

Part of their job there was helping evacuate residents, but they also identified damaged buildings in flooded areas to assist and relieve life savers were already there and had been working tirelessly for days.

“These guys were working for days and days and days, no rest, not able to go home and check on their areas,” said Barakey.  “We were able to integrate and give those guys an opportunity to go home and check on their families and get a little bit of down time.”

The majority of the team consists of firefighters from Virginia Beach.

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